A collection of must-read startup articles for the first-time entrepreneur. The articles below should give you inspiration and direction for your next startup. Most of the articles are geared towards web-based startups; however, the principles of starting a business remain the same. You may be unfamiliar with some of the tools and terminology used in the articles.

It is imperative that you learn what they are and how to use them. Google is among the most valuable learning tools created.

Getting Started

How to Create a Million Dollar Business this Weekend
Tim Ferris, Noah Kagan of AppSumo on creating a profitable idea, finding customers, and assessing their value.

How I Quickly Test and Validate Startup Ideas
David Berube founder of MoFuse. A short post that will give you  a taste of how to test startup ideas. NOTE: Contrary to what he says, I think Facebook and Google AdWords are awesome for testing.

How to Build a Web Startup
Steve Blanks Lean Launchpad. He is an expert on starting a business with minimal risk. This is one of the most complete posts on starting a business.

Minimum Viable Products and Testing

How I Built My Minimum Viable Product
Micro-testing (testing products that dont exist yet) wont work for all products. Ash Maurya on putting together a MVP.

From Minimum Viable Product to Landing Pages
Ash Maurya on creating and testing landing pages.

Customer Development

Customer Development Checklist for Web Startups – Part 1
Ash Mauryas checklist could be the most valuable to startup entrepreneurs on the internet. It is a step by step process for building your product.

Customer Development Checklist for My Web Startup – Part 2
These articles have been so popular that he built, Running Lean, an entire book around them.

The First Thing That Matters: Product/Market Fit

How I am Measuring Product/Market Fit

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