A simple, responsive chmod calculator I built to help those learning about Linux file permissions.

If you need something, make it yourself. Ever since moving from a grid server on GoDaddy to a LEMP stack droplet on Digital Ocean, I’ve had to learn a whole lot about system administration. I’m pretty familiar with Unix commands. It’s a start, but I continually kept running into an issue when trying to modify files, permission errors. And so began my quest to learn about chmod and Linux file permissions.

There are quite a few chmod calculators available online; however, none of them were aesthetically pleasing. It felt like an opportunity for a new project. Thus, with my militant mindset toward shipping I set out to build a responsive, better looking chmod calculator.

Chmod Calculator Mockup
The simple webpage for Chmod Calculator.

What could future additions to the calculator be? The JavaScript for this project is not mine. I do plan on attempting to rewrite the JavaScript, and include the ability to edit the mode as well. Perhaps, I’ll write a separate page that explains a bit more about Linux file permissions. A little more familiarity and some research is all that should be needed. Plus, that will provide a bit of text for search engines to crawl.

Chmod Calculator is now Offline.

Posted by:Sam Solomon

I'm a designer, writer and tinkerer. I currently lead workflow and design systems at Salesloft.