Lately Ive been getting questions about some of the applications I use. So, here is quick post on web applications I love, and that make my life easier.


Currently is a Google Chrome extension that replaces the default new tab window with the local weather and time. I love it because the default tab shows apps that I never use, and I am always interested in the weather. Plus, it is a beautiful minimalist weather application. People are always asking me about it, and in part, inspired this post.


Trello is my favorite to-do list application for projects. We used Trello to list out our weekly goals at drchrono, and were currently using it as a project management platform for Dashboardly.

There are three main parts to Trello: boards, lists and cards. We have a board for the entire Dashboardly project, with lists such as To-do, and done. The user interface is simple, when a card needs to be moved between lists, just click and drag it there.


BetterSnapTool mimics the brilliant Windows 7 snap-to-screen feature for Macs. Instead of trying to resize windows to fit the screen, simply drag the window to the edge, and BetterSnapTool will automatically resize it to half the screen. Drag the window to the top and it will fit the window to the whole screen. It also comes with a huge amount of customizable shortcuts. This is a must for any designers or developers.


HackerNew is a Chrome extension for one of my favorite websites, Hacker News. The extension adds a layer of styling which makes the font larger, and adds white space. It also adds infinite scroll, a much needed feature, to Hacker News.

IA Writer

IA Writer is a beautiful, distraction-free word processor for Mac users. Created by Oliver Reichenstein and the brilliant team at Information Architects, IA Writer eliminates all of the noise present in other word processors. There are no paragraph styles, margins, or even font-size options. The only thing on the page is the cursor, and your words. IA Writer is a must have for anyone who writes.


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