Holly wanted to do something big for her 30th birthday—she just didn’t know what. We had talked a bit about doing a big beach trip, inviting a bunch of friends and renting a house. That wasn’t going to work though. Many of our friends have little babies and busy schedules. It makes organizing things like that tough.

More than anything, she wanted everyone together—babies and all. So we decided to host something at our place. We’d mix some beverages, set up cornhole and giant Jenga and hang out. I’d set up the TV for anyone interested in the Auburn game. For those who wanted to stay and party, once it got dark, we’d hang out around the fire pit.

There was just one other thing she really wanted.

Inflating the bounce house takes about 40 seconds.

That’s right—a giant 27-foot rainbow unicorn bounce house and slide.

I was skeptical about getting it at first. Holly was right though. The bounce house was a huge hit with both the kids and adults. Even though it was a weekend rental, Holly’s nephew still asks if we can set up the bounce house.

Here are a few photos from the day. Special thanks to Ramsay, who brought Five Daughter’s doughnuts and took several of these pictures.

Bed full of baloons.
We actually forgot about the balloons until we were ready to go to bed. That made for a good laugh.
Remi does not like being picked up. We’ll tolerate it for Lauren though.
Wyatt with his serious face.

Happy 30th Holly! We’ve got a tough one to top next year!

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