How would you start your own talk show? The cool thing about creating a talk show is that it costs nothing other that time and a few opinions. Here are a few things I would think about before beginning.

Forget the radio. Consider newer mediums for communication. The democratization of broadcasting technology allows anybody to have a voice. Podcasts, and YouTube videos are great places to start.

Focus on a topic. Pick a few articles or blog posts from the week that you feel comfortable discussing for 15 minutes. Have someone lead the discussion by keeping people on topic, and making sure transitions are made at the right time.

Have a regular schedule.  How often do you want to do the show? Once you figure that out make sure you release your show at the same time every week.

Find a few guests. Guests add different perspectives to the show. If they don’t live close by have them call-in through Skype.

Take your talk show to the next level

Build a website. This doesn’t mean go out and pay someone $10,000 to put one together. I would suggest buying a domain, and using it with Tumblr. This will give you a simple website that you can post your shows on. Make sure you tag the topics of your show.

Transcribe your show. Although Tumblr is not known for being SEO friendly, transcribing your show will give search engines something to grab.

Look for sponsors. It is one thing to create a following, it is another thing to find a way to monetize it. The latter is more impressive.

How to Start a Talk Show is from the archives. Also, funny thing, I do have a talk show for entrepreneurs. It’s called Signal Tower. You should check it out.

Posted by:Sam Solomon

I'm a designer, writer and tinkerer. I currently lead workflow and design systems at Salesloft.