Smartphones, netbooks and tablet computers are evidence in the evolution of how we interact with the web. These cool, sleek electronics add mobility to the internet and allow us to pull information anywhere at anytime. However, in many cases a smartphone, a netbook or a tablet just wont do. The desktop is still the workhorse. While computers are evolving, the desktop has not changed much same mouse, same keyboard, but that is about to change. What does the future of desktop computing look like? It is impossible to tell the future, but recent innovations can give us clues into what the future of desktop computing holds.

The Magic Touch

No, that is not the name of a new smartphone, but touchscreens like the one on your smartphone are steeply growing in popularity. Some desktops such as the HP Touchsmart line integrate touchscreen elements into desktop computing. While it is a novel idea, it is not realistic. Putting fingers on the monitor to navigate feels terribly unnatural.  One solution would be to place the monitor at an angle, similar to an architect table, which would relieve stress. However the best solution would be one like 10/GUI.

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