I’ve got a new project. I’ll be hosting DN FM, which is the Designer News Podcast.

Designer News is one of my favorite online communities. I was one of the earliest members and have visited the site nearly every day for the last three years. I’m excited to get started.

The show focuses on design and technology. It will be part interview, part community stories. The series of interviews lined up is fantastic—designers, illustrators, founders, venture capitalists and more. The community stories segment is still a bit of an experiment.

Unlike Signal Tower, it won’t just be me. Kieran and Max from the DN team are helping me organize things in the background. We also have a producer for the show, which is a big win for me. It means I just do the fun part—have conversations with sharp and talented people.

We released our first episode last week. I interviewed Crew and Unsplash founder Mikael Cho. Three years ago I interviewed Mikael for Signal Tower when Crew was called Ooomf and Unsplash was only a few months old. It’s amazing how much progress he has made.

If web players aren’t your thing, you can also subscribe on iTunes or SoundCloud.

Posted by:Sam Solomon

I'm a designer, writer and tinkerer. I currently lead workflow and design systems at Salesloft.

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