This is a list of my favorite thought leaders in the realm of education reform. You can skim through and individually follow them or you can follow my list.

Michael Ellsberg Educators to Follow on Twitter

@MichaelEllsberg – Michael Ellsberg is the author of “The Education of Millionaires,” which includes interviews with some of the most successful people on the planet who didn’t complete college and who educated themselves in the real world.

khan academy Educators to Follow on Twitter

@khanacademy – Salman Khan is the founder of Khan Academy, a Gates Foundation backed nonprofit that uses YouTube to provide a free world-class education to anybody anywhere.

dale stephens Educators to Follow on Twitter

@DaleJStephens – Dale Stephens is a Thiel Fellow, and founder of the UnCollege movement. His UnCollege Manifesto lays the groundwork for ways to acquire an education outside of college.

sir ken robinson Educators to Follow on Twitter

@SirKenRobinson – Sir Ken Robinson is a internationally recognized leader in education, creativity and innovation development. He is the author of The Element and Out of Our Minds. His TED talk Do Schools Kill Creativity? has had more than 200 million views worldwide.

clark aldrich Educators to Follow on Twitter

@clarkaldrich – Clark Aldrich is and educational game designer, and the author of Unschooling Rules. He discusses the value of experience-based learning.

aron solomon Educators to Follow on Twitter

@aronsolomon – Aron Solomon (no relation) is an education entrepreneur. He is the founder of Smartswise, and is currently a partner at Futurlogic, an education venture development studio.

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