I took these photos the last time I visited my grandmother’s house on the outskirts of Greenville, SC. Both her and Trussel had passed by then.

My sister and I called her Mema Polly. Trussel was my step grandfather and I have a lot of fond memories visiting them as a child.

I wish I had taken more photos—especially of the inside of the house. It’s hard to date these. I don’t have the RAW files so there’s not much metadata. I think these must have been taken in 2012 or 2013 with my Nikkon D3000. I took and framed the prints for my mom’s birthday that year.

A gravel road winds through a tree-lined field.
The long winding driveway coming from the main road, Blacks Drive.

I’m not really sure what to include with these photos. They bring back a lot of memories. So I’m just going to ramble what I remember about my time spent at the Abercrombie Farm.

  • I remember spending several childhood Christmas’ there.
  • The wood burning fireplace and the occasional burn spots in the red-orange carpet.
  • Uncle Ron making egg nog and Aunt Paula making sure it had brandy in it.
  • The colorful Christmas tree lights with silver tinsel getting everywhere.
  • The Roper Mountain light show.
  • Trussel’s old Ford Taurus that was oddly round.
  • And learning to playing checkers with him on dented metal board.
  • Aunt Paula telling him he’s too old to be up working on the roof of the house.
  • Watching him put together a birdhouse.
  • Mema laughing in her chair.
  • Her singing and playing the piano.
  • And hanging clothes on the line behind the house.
  • I remember rummaging around in the basement filled with cool old tools.
  • My mom reading me Go Dog Go before bed every night.
  • The two aircraft carriers my older cousins left.
  • And two large blueberry bushes in the back
  • And a freezer full of frozen blueberries.
  • Ham, cheese and maricle whip sandwiches for lunch.
  • A tiny TV with Benny Hill on it.
  • Being bored while the adults sat out in lawn chairs in the car port watching birds.
  • An incredible mid-century record console.
  • And portraits of my mom and her siblings in their 20s and 30s above it.
  • My mom climbing into a tree to get an my Airhog out (and getting poison ivy).
  • Quiet afternoons where you could hear the clock above the fireplace ticking.
A field in the country with a small brick house in the distance.
Mema Polly’s house in the distance.
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