The Pink Startup

November 3, 2015 / Design

Since I started working on our fantasy sports product, nothing has been both praised and contested as much as our brand color.

I began working on branding for SidePrize in December of 2014. And in the following weeks, I had several heated discussions with my co-founders about my color choice.

What if people don’t think we’re credible? What if they don’t know we’re a fantasy sports company? The color should be green, right? People should look at this thing and think sports or money.

I could have chosen red, or orange or blue, and there would have been no questions. But the color I chose was pink.

There’s no hidden meaning. I chose pink, because it was different.

That’s it.

Pink stands out in stark contrast to the sea of gray backgrounds and green accents of other fantasy products. It’s an easy way to differentiate ourselves, and that’s good enough for me.