Truss is a beautiful, simple tool for creating resumes.

Visual Design

There’s a certain pleasure I get from conceiving simple product ideas and trying to figure out where they could grow. One obvious niche appeared to be in the resume space. Starting with a few sketches I drew at my desk, I started thinking about how a new resume-builder might look.

There is beauty in simplicity. What if you took the same approach Medium and Facebook took with design? Instead of offering endless resume templates, which most resume sites sell, why not constrain users to one simple, beautiful template?

Resume Builder Early Access

Truss Resume Builder Browser

Truss Branding Sketches

Simple Resume Builder Example

I was planning on creating Truss as a Ruby on Rails application to improve my Rails knowledge. Unfortunately, given the amount of time I have available, there are better uses of my time. Thus I’ve decided to go ahead and post what design work I’ve completed.


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