In the world of startups many things don’t quite fit into a case study. This is a collection of those messy things. Those odds and ends. The items here don’t represent the final feature, but served as a starting point for discussion.

Below you’ll find various video walkthroughs, product notes and prototypes. Each one has a paragraph elaborating on the feature.

Tasks Core – Notes
An early refresh of our tasks feature. This added the ability to relate a task to an account or contact as well as assign it to another team member. It also enabled drag and drop sorting.

Customer Profiles + Orders – Notes
We had to rebuild new customer profiles to accommodate our orders feature. This required moving more profile items into the sidebar. It also shows concepts for user or team member profiles, which we never implemented.

Salesforce Integration – Notes
We went through several of our self-serve integration concepts. We broke down the main SFDC objects—accounts, contacts and opportunities—into sections. Mapping Salesforce opportunities to orders was especially dificult. Every company used the opportunity > amount field differently. We saw TCV, MRR, ARR, negative numbers for downgrades. It was a mess.

Original CRM – Prototype
The prototype we used to validate the product and attract beta customers. Many CSMs thought it was real and wanted access. We scrambled for several weeks to get something in their hands. Try adding tasks, viewing account profiles, bulk select (and filter) spreadsheet items.

Gmail Integration – Video
Concepts for viewing and sending emails in Trustfuel. Covers the various cases caused by multiple parties being involved in an email.

Segments + Tags – Video
For weeks we went back and fourth about the merits of implementing Tags vs Segments. This video covers both concepts. In an ideal world our spreadsheets would have had more filters. The user could set a filter on the spreadsheet and save that as a segment—similar to how Intercom handles this.

SidePrize – Website
In 2015 I helped build a fantasy sports company that went on to be funded by the Los Angeles Dodgers. One of my last projects at SidePrize was a new marketing site. Much of the copy has changed, but a good portion of the site remains—including a concept from my set of mobile designs.

Signal Tower – Website
Signal Tower was a personal project started in December of 2012. The publication features long-form interviews with designers and entrepreneurs.

2016 Customer Success Report – Collateral
I turned a four-question survey into a 20-page report. The 2016 Customer Success Report has been Trustfuel’s most downloaded resource.

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