How scary would it be if you had to purchase access to certain websites like you purchase access to certain channels on cable?

Certain internet service providers such as Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T have spent millions lobbying for congress to allow them to control access of information running through their service… and they are starting to win the battle.

What is net neutrality?

Simply, it is the freedom for us to access information on any website at even speeds. Net neutrality ensures that no gatekeepers control or limit content on the internet.

No net neutrality for mobile

The FCC has begun to cave. While fixed-line internet (i.e. internet in your home, school or office) cannot be touched, wireless broadband (your smartphone) providers can now remove the ability to connect to website, or download an application.


Oddly the reasoning behind this was that Android is “open.” Strange because  Android is only semi-open, and is moderated by Google. Also Android is still neck and neck with Apple’s iOS, which is not even semi-open.

Why it is a problem

Allowing ISP’s to block applications at their discretion might mean you cannot use Bing, because AT&T has a contract with Yahoo, or perhaps you cannot use Vonage to make internet calls, because Verizon wants you to use their service.

As the world slowly makes the transfer to smartphones mobile broadband will soon become a large percentage of how the internet is connected.

I would hate to see the day where we must pay to have access to certain web sites. Nobody should have control of the internet, companies, governments… nobody.

Sign the petition for Net Neutrality

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