Jessica Hische is a lettering artist, designer and author. Her clients include Nike, NPR, New York Times, Samsung and many more. In this episode we discuss how propensity for art when she was young eventually turned into an incredible career.

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Episode Highlights

4:00: How Jessica handles criticism and getting specific feedback that goes against what she knows as a designer

8:00: Analog vs. digital tooling

12:20: How Jessica’s propensity for art when she was young eventually turned into a career, what courses she took, how her parents supported her, and why she began lettering

20:15: How working with Louise Fili inspired discipline and business acumen

24:00: What prompted Jessica to begin freelancing, and how she made it work

28:00: Some of Jessica’s side projects, including Daily Drop Cap and the quirky Thousands Under Ninety

37:10: Why work and play are one and the same

38:00: The most common and interesting questions that Jessica gets from young designers

Posted by:Sam Solomon

I'm a designer, writer and tinkerer. I currently lead workflow and design systems at Salesloft.

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