Randy J. Hunt Randy J. Hunt is the Vice President of Design at Etsy and author or Product Design for the web. In this episode we discuss his experience building and leading Etsy’s talented design team.

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Episode Highlights

4:00: The state of design tools: Thoughts on collaboration, file-sharing, features, layouts, and what all of this means for the industry as a whole

7:10: Common issues that come up with collaborative design tools, and why design issues have become such a hot topic

18:00: The future of design tools: predictions

21:40: Fostering ultimate empathy for users, and what Randy discovered using only an iPad

24:45: How Randy’s background has brought him to where he is now, including how the early months of his launch went

29:40: The differences between agency work and entrepreneurship

35:00: The differences between product work vs. service work

39:20: Challenges scaling the Etsy design team

45:00: Common challenges in management and how Randy meets them head-on

49:00: Etsy’s “secret sauce”: How they attract so many talented people

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I'm a designer, writer and tinkerer. I currently lead workflow and design systems at Salesloft.

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