Linda Liukas thinks is the author and illustrator behind Hello Ruby, a series of children’s books about technology. She’s also a co-founder of Rails Girls, a community designed to help women understand technology.

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Episode Highlights

2:30: Introduction: Why Linda focuses her education on children, and how they can positively impact adults as well. Linda also tells us about her educational and professional background.

4:50: How Hello Ruby came to be, from conception to funding to final publishing. Linda also discusses how she came up with the story, the exercises and the final illustrations.

11:00: Information on Linda’s second book: What was easier this time around, and what this second project will be about.

17:30: Why technology is as much of an art as it is a science, and why programming is a tool rather than simply a process.

18:30: How Linda explains coding to children in simple language and what she hopes kids can take away from her books.

22:00: What the future look like for Linda’s books and upcoming projects.

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