Mikael Cho is the Unsplash and Crew. Unsplash, is a photo-sharing site that boasts 6 billion photo views per month. Crew connects freelance designers and developers to potential projects.

Mikael discusses his unique career path, the intersection of psychology and design and chasing perfection. He also shares how a side project became his biggest success story.

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Episode Highlights

1:40: How Mikael used a psychology background to fuel his design career

4:00: The philosophy behind Crew

9:20: Why losing faith in himself pushed Mikael to develop his company

11:10: “Is there a market for this? Is this a business? How do we make it sustainable?”- the first steps to building a business from an idea

12:30: How and why Crew.co is unique from other freelance websites

19:30: Crew’s utility-approach to marketing, and the best money Mikael ever spent

25:00: Quantity gets you to quality’ and the the benefit of juggling multiple projects

27:20: Letting go of perfection and changing perspective

30:00: Mikael’s unique writing habits

34:30: Job postings

35:00: Top Stories

Posted by:Sam Solomon

I'm a designer, writer and tinkerer. I currently lead workflow and design systems at Salesloft.

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