William Channer is a partner at the Panda Network, and the host of Dorm Room Tycoon. In this episode we discuss the future of information consumption, his experience building products remotely, and his thoughts on raising money for startups.

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Episode Highlights

3:00: William’s background, including what he studied in school and his early copywriting career. He also talks about what made him want to leave advertising, as well as what he appreciated about the industry.

7:30: William’s first start-up, which was Voto-App, and what he learned from it.

11:15: Information about Panda Network: What it is, what they do, and what the goal is in terms of who is using the site and why.

16:00: William’s thoughts on what the future will look like, including automation and the way searches will work.

17:10: What he learned from Dorm Room Tycoon, including the downside of raising money for a startup.

22:15: Some of the new pro features of Panda that you can expect in the near future.

23:15: How William met his business partner, Ahmet Sulek, and how Panda came to be. He also touches on some of the challenges of a long-distance business relationship.

31:00: William’s advice on collaborating and his thoughts on the interesting things going on in the design world.

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